Sunday, March 11, 2012


I should  explain that I am starting my garden adventure from the beginning, which was last summer, and trying to catch up to current growth.  What you will see is a progressive story of my garden, to be followed by posts whenever something new occurs.  Obviously, I have more to say now than I will once I am current, since growing gardens are not very interesting until something blooms, produces, or dies.

I love looking at photos of other blogs about vegetable gardens.  Especially raised bed gardens.  I am including photos of my adventure hoping others enjoy seeing them too.  I get good ideas from this. In fact, I got a great idea for an herb garden I will be building with my daughter.

This photo is of my garden in 2010.  As you can see, much of it was in shade.  The pumpkin plants look healthy, and did produce many blossoms, but no pumpkins whatsoever.  I even tried to pollinate them myself, but it didn't take.  The bush beans didn't do too poorly, and the cherry tomato was very productive.  The soil in this raised bed was originally purchased years before, and irregularly amended.  I found chicken manure was much better than steer manure, well worth the higher cost.  

I am excited by my garden plans this year, as the entire back portion of my yard gets full sun.

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