Monday, March 12, 2012

Dale, my Apple Tree

I have an apple tree now.  His name is Dale.  Dale was the obvious name, as "It's a Braeburn."  If you don't get that, look it up!  "dale +it's a braeburn" will get you the answer. 

I prepaid for Dale in December to save 15%.  The nurseryman forgot to order a bare-root Braeburn for me, so, when I went to pick him up, offered me another apple variety.  That was fine, but I wanted the best kind for growing in our local area.  Other than Pink Lady, Braeburn would be it, and I don't care for Pink Lady's taste nearly so much.  So, he let me have last year's bare-root tree for the same price.  It was much larger and potted in a RootTrapper bag. 

The hole had been dug in January, put rain kept it filled nearly constantly.  I finally filled the hole back in, and planted Dale in a raised bed of cinder blocks two high.   The nurseryman told me to take 1/3 off all the branches, and the ones that crossed each other, as well as making sure a bud was pointing out.  Dale deserves the best care, so I bought some new, nicer pruners.  I have never planted a tree before, let alone pruned one that mattered for fruit development, so let's keep our fingers crossed I did it right.

I want to mention the nursery I go to.  It is Shooting Star Nursery in Central Point, Oregon.  The employees are so helpful and friendly.  Nothing I have bought there has died, which is saying something for their healthy stock, not my green thumb.

I was going to return the RootTrapper bag, but then discovered online they can be used for vegetable growing!  So, it may be a tomato or pepper planter this spring if I run out of planter room or pots.  

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