Sunday, March 11, 2012

FREE! and almost free. Courtesy of Craigslist...

I love Craigslist!  You can find all sorts of bargains and free stuff you really need there.   You can also get rid of nearly all of your own junk there!  Just post it under "free," add your address (do not include your email), put the stuff out front and peek through the blinds at the cars rushing to the curb.  People love "free!"

My free treasures include two of my dogs, a Border Collie mix, and a Goldendoodle.  But, they are not the focus of this blog, so I will limit my raving about Craigslist to the garden.

A woman gave me 8 big plastic containers still filled with garden dirt she had purchased the year before from Biomass One (hard to explain what they do, but part of it is selling soils).  Fortunately for me, teenage sons are strong, as these babies were heavy.  It took two trips to bring them all back home in my Explorer.  I worried the woman would let some other lucky gardener take the rest while I was gone, as I see these as worth their considerable weight in gold.

This same woman was getting rid of 4 planters of iris bulbs.  They had been dug from a city park during renovation.  I removed them from the planters (too small for iris) and planted 12 in a prepared bed, trimming the tops like I learned to do researching iris care online.  My parents never trimmed the tops before winter, but I did just as recommended.  These are MY iris and I want to do right by them.  I gave the extras to my neighbor.  They died back, and now have new spring growth.  Which led to another problem in the iris bed.  Dogs.   I jerry-rigged some netting over them for the time being.  They are just babies.

Another Craigslist bargain was my strawberry plants.  Delivered from Grants Pass to the Red Lobster parking lot in Medford.  I felt as though I were on some sort of clandestine mission, with cars pulling in, exchanging cash for large black trash bags!  I paid for 20 plants, $10, but I think I got more like 25 and some tiny runners.  I planted them in strict accordance with instructions, these were my first strawberries.  I actually didn't know what I was doing, since what were huge plants were actually the past seasons huge leaves that died back.  I thought the plants were dying!  I cut them off and found new growth at the crown of each plant. That was a new word for me, "crown."  At least I knew not to bury the crowns when I planted them.

The above photo shows them soon after planting. 

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