Monday, March 12, 2012


My lettuce grew!  I planted some cheap seeds in late summer last year, and they actually grew!  I had enough to share with the neighbor across the street.  I just scattered the seeds, and didn't let them grow big, and harvested them as I thinned them.  These photos were taken in Oct., but they got much bigger.  I have a nice load of soil coming tomorrow, and will put in new lettuce seed for a spring crop.  The 4 cinder block size bed is perfect for lettuce.  So are those cinder block holes!  My new cinder blocks have larger, square holes. 

 The peas in the above photo never did more than it shows.  I planted them too late in the summer and it got too cold too soon.  I am not used to the first frost killing frost being in October!

The lettuce surprised me by living ALL winter.  There were mornings I would find them frozen stiff, but they didn't die at all.  They were still alive in February.  I thought lettuce was a tender crop.  I thought wrong. This is the crop in December.  They never got any slugs or bugs at all.  Tiny birds pecked at them now and again. 

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