Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Lone Tomato and Cinder Blocks

My Lone Tomato:  Since I got a late start on planting last year (moving in late June) I only planted one tomato in a large pot.  It may have been late, but I heard everyone in the area had to replant last year as there was a killing frost in May.   May!  I am not used to spring starting so late!  Most of the fruit had blossom end rot.  I tried to water consistently, so maybe it was the soil in the pot.  I am changing it this year.

I am the only one who eats the tomatoes.  My kids used to wander the garden eating them like apples.   Now, the girl kid will slice them in a sandwich, or add them to her salad, but the boy kid doesn't like them anymore at all.  Boy, what he is missing!  Nothing beats a warm tomato right off the bush!

Cinder Blocks:  The greatest thing in gardening I have ever found.  Let me explain.  My large garden area is clay.  Sit-under-the-water-for-a-week-after-a-rain clay.  Dig-a-test-hole-and-the-water-never-drains clay. Some kind of clay that has an Irish sounding name.  Does that make any sense?   So, raised beds it has to be.  Which are exorbitantly priced if you buy them from wood.  I do not have the tools or know-how to do it myself, although I am thinking of getting two boards of cedar, screws, and 4 fasteners at Lowe's and asking them to cut the boards in half.  I think I can manage to screw them together, if only in a
4 x 4 square.  But, for now, I have enough raised beds thanks to cinder blocks.  And the cedar one I broke down and purchased from a local builder, but more about that another time.

The first one is small, 7 blocks long and 1 block wide, making it 2' x 8'.  I bought the cinder blocks at Lowe's for .99 each.  They are not the decorative kind with one nice side, these are heavy and rough.  So... I had my first raised bed! This one was designed for peas, so I added some mesh behind it.  I filled the holes for lettuce.  I still had a long way to go.  I used 4 extra blocks to make a bed for lettuce. 

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