Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lots More Cinder Blocks and a Garden Cart

OK, soon after ordering the cedar bed I located used cinder blocks on Craigslist.  Yes, another Craigslist bargain, I told you I love the place!  They wanted .75 each, but my offer of .50 was accepted.  Most of them were down a hill, so my son and I lugged them up 2 at a time.  They are nice blocks, larger than my others, with one "good" or finished side.

It took two trips on separate days to bring all 90 odd home.  Then we had the task of moving them to the back-back yard.  Enter the Garden Cart!

A wheel barrow is handy, but a garden cart seemed more like what I was after.  Mine is from Home Depot and it is supposed to handle 600 pounds.  Hmmm... that is an awful lot of pounds...  It did help make short work of the cinder blocks though. 

The cinder blocks were in the back now, awaiting organization into raised beds. But, I was so sick of them, that waited a few weeks.  This photo doesn't even show all of them, some are back by the compost heap.  

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