Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Planters are Finally Ready

We moved more soil over the past few days.  We still  have a fair amount in the driveway, but we needed a break.  I caught a cold, then it started raining again, and my son didn't want to get dirty again, since that means another shower.  I will be glad to get my driveway back.  I have my Explorer on the street (We got street parking this past summer when the road was widened.  We got street lights and side walks too!) and the car has to fit crosswise in the driveway. 

The cedar bed,  the lettuce bed, and the large cinder block bed with its ends are all filled and ready to go.  I can put in the lettuce when I get a break in the weather.  Kale too, for my daughter's Guinea Pig, Martha.  G.Pigs need lots of extra vitamin C, and the best way is either fresh oranges or kale.  So, Martha gets her own patch of garden.  I am going to plant more snap peas in the pea planter too.  I realize that I could have planted many more than I did.  I spaced them too far apart. 

The above two beds (including the two end planters in the top one) took nearly 26 garden cart loads of soil!  Only a few of the holes are filled, which I want to do for flowers, lettuce, radishes, even carrots would probably work.

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