Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Dirt Moved and Some Seeds Planted

More dirt (I know it should be referred to as "soil," but the longer it sits in the driveway, the easier it is to forget it is Garden Blend soil and that I paid a lot for it!) has been moved.  I think we have made a lot of progress.  A lot of the cinder block holes are now filled and ready to plant. I will start with radishes.

I filled the three white Craigslist containers, after moving them next to the chain link fence.  (When did people stop referring to them as "cyclone" fences?  My kids didn't know what I was talking about when I used that phrase.)  I moved the empty containers first, and was I ever glad of that.  The soil is wet and weighs so much the containers are too heavy to budge now.  These will be planted with cucumbers.  I have decided to try some lemon cucumbers in addition to the Summer Dance I had already chosen.  Summer Dance is recommended for my area.  Lemon is because I read the latest Sunset Magazine and saw some! 

Also prepared with new soil is the area where I am putting in three climbing roses.  New Dawn.  They left yesterday from South Carolina, but won't be here until next Tuesday.  South Carolina?  After some research, that I should of done before I ordered, I discovered that Jackson and Perkins is no longer in Oregon.  I did not know they went out of business not long ago, and someone else is doing business under that name.  I wanted roses grown here, not shipped across the country.  Are they the same high quality roses J & P used to have?  I guess I will find out. 

The weather let up enough to let me sow some lettuce seeds.  Wild Garden mix from Territorial Seeds as well as some leftover cheapies from last year.  The Wild Garden mix better be fantastic, as it cost so much more than the very productive cheapie seeds.  I didn't get as many seeds as I had hoped.   I planted more Cascadia peas in among the ones starting to sprout, after rolling them in inoculant, something I never knew about before this year.

So, I am off to a good start, if I do say so myself. Just getting out in the open spring air for a few hours felt good! 

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