Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Great Gardening Weekend!

Lots of good news, and some bad news, in the garden this weekend.
The good...
I got some great gardening stuff at a garage sale on the street behind mine.  What caught my eye were the blue ceramic pots!  My favorite color of blue.  Three of them.  One has some cracks, but it still holds water, two  are large ceramic-look plastic pots made by Better Homes and Gardens (about $30.00 each new).  I don't much care for the yellow color, but they are big enough for my "extra" tomato plants (more later)!  Then a garden cart, not like I have, but a wheel barrow style (new price $40.00).  Along with the garden tools in the carrier: three hand trowels, a pair of pruners, a stick-in rain bird sprinkler, and a couple of hand forks, several brand new.  Also "Hose Mobile" hose reel (new price $60.00). 
And how much did I pay for all of the above? Or all of the below, if you go by the photos... Only $20.00!


 Yesterday I found a lady selling tomato plants out of her truck at a corner mini-mart.  I couldn't resist Legend, a determinate variety recommended for my area.  I have never grown a determinate tomato before.  They do not need staking (or caging), but grow laterally and tend to set all their fruit at the same time.  That makes it a new adventure for me!  I hope she has some tomatoes for sale next weekend too, I want to get one of her yellow fruiting varieties.

Legend tomato

The bad news this weekend?  While the peat pot seeds continue to grow for the most part, I have lost a few cucumbers (the first up) and cantaloupes.  From my research it seems to be "damping off."  It is caused by a fungi in the soil.  One is called Rhizoctonia solani, which causes the problem I seem to be having, the stem is sunken near the soil line.  It is in soils that are moist and hot, which is just what my plastic bag "greenhouses" did to the peat pots.  I don't mind the cantaloupe, as it is recommended to direct seed them anyway. I will start over with new pots and soil again for the cucumbers.  I need to wash my gardening tools in a hydrogen peroxide and water solution.  Boy...all that trouble for a cucumber plant or two!

The pumpkins on the other hand threaten to take over the tray.  They have their first true leaves.  There is no way I can hold off planting them until mid-May.  Maybe I should transplant some and hold back a few others, see what happens. 

baby Cinderella pumpkin

The weekend wasn't all spend on the fun part of gardening though.  My son and I finally weeded the entire front planting area.  He spend his well earned $20.00 on a PC game from Walmart.  I got nothing but a weed-free planting area and a sore knee.

If you can stand one more photo from this weekend...  Dale (my apple tree) is blooming!

Braeburn apple in bloom

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