Friday, April 13, 2012


I bought my herbs today.  The nursery sections of the local stores had dismal selections, so I thought I was going to have to order them online.  The problem with that (besides the cost) was they wouldn't be sent until late May.  In my zone most are perennials and can be planted now.  All I needed to do was go down the street (literally) to the Grange Co-op to find great herbs at great prices!   I did have to change the varieties of a few, but still was able to get compact ones suitable for an herb garden or containers.

The small ones were on sale for only $1.00!  The larger ones only $1.99, and $2.49.  I got a gallon size lavender since it was the only small variety they had, so it was more, $7.49.  I threw in two flowers that will stay small to plant among the herbs, Erysimum (orange flame), which apparently is called a "wall flower" when it's at home, and Sanvitalia (creeping zinnia, even though it is not a zinnia).  

For $1.00 each I got amethyst falls oregano, peppermint, onion chives, lemon thyme, spicy globe basil, catnip, and triple curled parsley. The parsley was in error, I thought I picked a cilantro. The catnip is for Velvet, our spoiled tuxedo cat.  The officinalis sage (just garden sage dressing up its name) and creeping rosemary were $2.49 each.

It is hard to stop bruising the leaves and sniffing!  The chocolate mint actually smells like chocolate mint, and the leaves are even brown!  The lemon thyme has a strong hint of lemon to its odor.  The basil makes my want to chop it with tomatoes and melt it into cheese to use as a spread!  I guess that can wait until summer when I have some warm, fresh from the garden tomatoes.


lemon thyme
chocolate mint
It is hard to believe, even to myself, that I have managed to get to my age (over 50 in case you wonder!) and have never had an herb garden.  I feel like a kid in a toy shop... a kid in a candy store...

I found the cutest bird bath for the herb garden at Safeway today.  The woman working there didn't know if it is sealed, and since it is terracotta I might have to get some sealant from the hardware store if it isn't.  What is the point of a bird bath the won't hold water?  Maybe it could be planted with a shallow rooted is too cute to return. 

Here's to hoping the weekend has a few hours of sunshine so I can plant my new babies!

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