Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kale, Carrots, and New Sprouts Spotted!

I finally had a day of no rain (this is not the part of Oregon where it rains a lot, it has just been raining more than usual) to plant some cool weather crops.  Kale (for Martha, the Guinea Pig!) and carrots went in yesterday.
Since I planted the kale in existing soil I used my new fancy-dancy soil tester first!  I broke down the other week and bought one of the battery operated ones that tests both pH and the fertility of the soil.  Clean the probes, wet them and poke them down into the soil (after removing the first 2").  I needed to add a bit of chicken manure to the existing containers, but the soil I purchased is the perfect pH and fertility! 
I wanted Mokum carrots, but couldn't find them without a delivery charge, so settled for Little Finger.  
The kale is Wild Garden, a mix of Siberian kales with different leaf shapes and colors.  I don't think Martha cares if her "greens" are purple and frilly!  She just needs them for the vitamin C.  The vet said either 1/4 an orange or kale daily, and I think she must get tired of oranges.  The store bought kale starts turning yellow within a few days.  

The great news is how many peas have sprouted!  I also have lettuce babies breaking through the soil!  I can see why raised beds are the way to go.  If they were planted in the ground they would have drowned by now. Too bad I am not set up with rain barrels, they would come in handy to save all this water.
Cascadia Peas
Lettuce Babies

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