Monday, April 9, 2012

A New Raised Bed! (and bark complaints)

I know...I know...I didn't really need another raised bed... but I did decide at the last minute (well, not really last minute since I can't plant for weeks, even indoors for transplant) to add cantaloupe to my garden plants, and that meant more planting area.

The Home Depot has a great product!  Greenes 48" x 48" raised bed kit (they have other sizes too) that is cedar, and costs under $40!  It comes in pieces that are easily put together and looks great.  You can add on too, or make it deeper.  The wood isn't as thick as the custom built bed, but I am quite pleased with it and may get more next year, or maybe for fall/winter crops.  For now this one seems perfect for one of the vine crops, the cantaloupe, or maybe the pumpkins.
Bark Complaints!  

I got a bag of bark, "medium nuggets," to place down on some of the muddiest walkway areas.  It is a brand both Walmart and Lowe's carry.  I wanted more, but hesitated to get a lot since it seemed too big from what I could see through the bag.  Today when I dumped it out I saw it could hardly be described as "medium" or "nuggets."  It contained a lot of sticks, some light wood-like lumber scraps.  Also most of the chips where giant chunks of bark, not nuggets of something medium sized.  When I was at The Home Depot I picked up a couple of bags of their "medium" bark, which was indeed medium, and pieces of bark.  It was like the difference between night and day.  
Lowe's and Walmart bark
The Home Depot bark
I don't really care for bark, my mother used too much of it, as did the former owners of my current house.  But, it works well for covering the muddy walkways near my garden beds. 

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  1. Update: It's an OK bed. Not deep, so it limits what I plant. Also, the side boards are very thin. I grew lettuce in it this past fall.