Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Seedlings

Lettuce is up... 
As you can see, the cheap-o seeds left over from last year are doing better than the expensive ones, at least for now. 

cheap-o lettuce seeds
expensive lettuce seeds

Kale is up as well...
It reminds me of clover, the nurse leaves are 4 lobed.  

Radishes are growing too...
(Why do we use the singular for "lettuce" and "kale," yet the plural for "radishes"?  There is more than one kale growing, and lots of kinds of lettuce/lettuces.)

No sign of any carrot seedlings yet.  I have a dismal history growing root crops.  If they can't grow in my new fertile soil, I give up on them. 

The Cascadia peas are doing well.  A few have reached the string trellis.

The soil heap in the driveway is down to a manageable size.  Another day or two should take care of it.  Update!  The soil is gone!  My son and I moved it all to the back yesterday.  The last few loads we just dumped under the cedar trees, so I can move it at my leisure.  I need some of it for the rest of the herb garden, and for my planing seeds in the peat pots this weekend. 

Cascadia peas

remaining soil in driveway (note rocks on the side, more of the rocks I mentioned least these are shared with the neighbor!)

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