Sunday, April 29, 2012

Not Much to Report...

This past week has been a mix of nice sunny weather, and cold overcast days with hail.  This weekend has been nice.  I spent most of yesterday driving around a neighboring town's "City-Wide Garage Sale."  Found some great bargains, brought home some free planters of dirt (not worth showing the photos!).  Tested and found the pH is fine, but it desperately needs some compost added.

Some of the seedlings are doing well.  The Cinderella pumpkins, gourds (I am especially proud of these since I dried the seeds myself!), Baby Boo pumpkins, and Summer Dance cucumbers look good.  I have only one remaining lemon cucumber, so will plant some more today, and save some for direct seeding.  It is confusing as some sources say to direct seed, others say not to.  The cantaloupe is not doing well either, and I would like to get some more of the Jack be Little pumpkins to grow.

Cinderella pumpkins 2 weeks old

Turban gourd 2 weeks old

Summer Dance cucumbers 2 weeks old

Hmmm... they are only 2 weeks old?  I feel as if I have been tending them for at least a month!  Maybe I am expecting too much from them.  They still have 2 weeks to go before transplanting into the garden.  I am still not sure some of them can wait that long.

I am a terrible root vegetable gardener.  I think I will give up on my carrots and radishes.  Never have I had any success with root vegetables.  Last winter I just left the carrots in the ground and not long ago pulled them up for our Guinea pig and rats to gnaw.

I found a partial bag of chicken manure, which I dug into the future cucumber containers.  Even though the soil tested fertile, I want to add some compost to the boxes for the pumpkins too.

On the bright side, the herbs are looking good!  The oregano has many new light green growth  on the tips, as does the lavender.  The chocolate mint is growing lots of  new little leaves under the existing ones.  My daughter and I started painting our stone markers.  They just need some touch up and a few more sealer coats and they will be ready for the garden.

Painting the Garden Marker Stones

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