Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Very Productive Weekend in the Garden

Mostly sunshine led to my getting a lot done this weekend.

First and foremost, the pile of soil is GONE from my driveway!  It took a long time to clean off the asphalt, but my son seemed to enjoy squirting the hose on it.

Then, I planted seeds in peat pots and pellets for transplanting outside in 4 weeks.  This is the first time I have done this.  I used to direct seed about now, but here our last frost date is May 15.  It is hard to hold off!  Maybe one of the reasons my pumpkins have never done well is I have always planted too early.  Apparently I now have a short growing season.  I watched a TV news story about starting seeds in the house.  Until they sprout the most important thing is warmth from below, and it was suggested to put the planters on top of the refrigerator.  So, I did.  Once they sprout they will need light.  My son did a unit on botany a few years ago (he is homeschooled) and we have some special light bulbs for plants.

I planted watermelon, pumpkins (regular and mini sizes), cantaloupe (not recommended, so I saved some seeds to direct plant too), cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, turban gourds,  nasturtiums, and sweet peas.  The larger peat pots fit perfectly into a muffin tin as a tray.  I covered them with sandwich bags, since they didn't have a tray and lid.

A wonderful surprise was finding asparagus has come up!

More progress included final pre-planting work on the herb garden.  Another higher spot, either for the larger lavender, or the creeping type of rosemary.  I added a flat rock, and a pot behind it all, for either of the above mentioned herbs.  I discovered the bird bath is sealed already, water stayed in it overnight.  Once the plants are in I can see where it should go.  I gathered a pile of small flat stones (another use for my over abundance of rocks!) that my daughter and I plan painting as herb garden markers.  I can't tell basil from mint, or oregano from sage right now!  Well...I might not be that bad...  I do know the sage is fuzzier than the oregano, and mint has more veins in the leaves. 

One of the best things this weekend was discovering that my apple tree has flower buds!  I wasn't sure they were leaf or flower, but now I can tell.  Pink flowers!  I have read up on it, and know that I have to, at least, remove all but one fruit per group in June.
All in all it has been a great weekend in the garden!  I will leave you with some photos of the various daffodils blooming...some have ruffles. 

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