Thursday, April 19, 2012

WOW! The Indoor Seeds Sprouted Already!

I couldn't believe it today when I checked the indoor peat pots.  I thought they might be drying out (they weren't as the lids and plastic bags caused a lot of condensation), but boy, was I surprised!  The cantaloupe and lemon cucumbers are all up.  A few Cinderella pumpkins (full size) and Summer Dance cucumbers are up too.

I moved them outside to get some fresh air (it was muggy under those lids and the peat pots were soggy) and sunshine.  Indirect since they are newborns, under the overhang where the picnic table is.
I will bring them in again tonight.  The weather is wet, but a lot warmer, even at night.  But, to be safe I will go by the book (that would be an actual book, Garden Guide for the Rogue Valley) and keep them indoors until after the last frost date of May 15.

The herb garden is starting to look pretty...
I planted the lavender (in the pot, since it is biggest) and the rosemary (the highest spot so it can creep and crawl and hang over), as well as the teeny daffodils I bought at Walmart (Tete-a-tete is what they are called, and were only .76 a pot, in bloom) and a volunteer purple pansy.  My daughter wants to help with the rest, but she hasn't gotten a chance yet.  This weekend looks good, for her and for the weather which is expected to be sunny.

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