Friday, May 4, 2012


My tomato and pepper plants arrived today!  Yesterday I got an email that they had been shipped.  Since I am only about 140 miles from the nursery the shipment came quickly.  I had just gone out to dig in some compost (a plant and manure blend) bought this morning at Walmart when the FedEx drove up.  The box was small, but the plants were very well packed, protected and in perfect shape.

They are a bit smaller than I expected.  If they don't produce exceptionally well, more so than any I have had before, I won't mail order them again.  The $4 plant I got on the corner down the street was so much larger.  The peppers are Wonder Bells. 

So, they are nestled into their new homes, with wire cages still to be fine-tuned.  They are too large to push into the ground far enough, but seem sturdy upside down.  I wanted the square kind, but could only find them for about $10.00 each, and that is just out of my budget.

The photo on the left is the Momotaro tomato.  Funny name.  Momotaro is a Japanese folk tale hero.  Momotaro means "Peach Boy."   Look it up, funny story too!  On the right are Sun Gold (a cherry tomato) and one of the peppers in the yellow pot.  That pot is one of my bargains from a few weekends ago!
The last photo is the other pepper and Stupice and Costoluto Genovese.  I am not sure why I bought the Costoluto Genovese (I do love that name though!) as it is a juice tomato.

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