Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pick a Peck of Pickled Peppers

Well, not pickled peppers, but green and sweet red peppers.  I went and bought two more pepper plants this past weekend!  Good thing I planted some of the bush beans or I will run out of room for them. 

I passed a sign on the way to the drug store Sunday, "Plant Sale."  So, naturally I had to stop on my way home.  The people moved into the home just last winter with the hope of growing vegetables for the Grower's Market (some cities call them Farmer's Markets), and were selling transplants of peppers (hot, sweet, green, red) and tomatoes (oh, they were hard to resist, they had some nice heirlooms).  I limited myself to just two plants, which happened to be half off.  I got a California Wonder Bell and an heirloom Quadrato D'Asti Rosso.  Wow, what a great name!  Quadrato D'Asti Rosso...  It is a sweet red pepper.

Two California Wonders... Boo and the Pepper!

Quadrato D'Asti Rosso
Didn't I tell'ya Boo loves to be in the thick of things?  Here he is, once again, making sure his adorable mug is in the shot. Boo is my "all-time favorite" dog, and he knows it.
He is one of our "Craigslist Treasures" along with one of our other dogs, Edward.  Go Craigslist!  

Where did I put them?  Well, I am out of room.  So, something had to give.  Something had to go.  I picked the tomato Stupice, which is not growing well at all.  If a plant is not going to be productive I have decided  not to waste space and water on it.  That tool care of one of the new peppers.  I had one of the black plastic pots I got full of soil free a few weeks ago, that will work once I can scrounge up some new soil, as what was there turned out to be sterile and a poor pH.  The amount of soil I have used this spring is mind boggling! I bought some top soil (how silly to buy top soil...) and mixed it with some bagged garden soil I bought in error, thinking it was ready to use.  Silly to buy garden soil too, but what can you do when your natural soil is poor.

I removed the Stupice tomato, but am giving it another chance by replanting it in a small pot to see how it does.  I dug in some steer manure (the store was out of chicken, my preference), and planted the California Wonder.  If is fine to plant peppers next to tomatoes, as they are both members of the nightshade family.  The Quadrato D'Asti Rosso is in the plastic pot, if it gets too big I will put it somewhere else, probably in the shrinking bean bed.

California Wonder Bell Pepper
Quadrato D'Asti Rosso Sweet Red Pepper
I have a story, a rant really, from the Plant Sale, nothing to do with plants, so feel free to disregard.

Do you ever feel that you were supposed to be somewhere that you had no plans to be, and normally wouldn't be?  That happened to me.  Earlier that same morning I got the peppers I was browsing Craigslist Pets and there were two dogs needing a home ASAP, as the woman was losing her house in a week (or so she said).  There was a pug and a pug/Boston terrier mix.  At the Plant Sale I saw these very same dogs in a truck.  Unbeknownst to the owner,  his wife, who was mad at him, had put them on Craigslist!  When he had left the house she was tossing his stuff outside into a pile to get rid of, but he had no idea she was including the dogs.  He said he had wondered why she was taking their photos before he left.  Good thing he took them with him.  I don't care what a spouse does to you (cheat: leave him, abuse: press charges, etc.) you DO NOT try to sell his pets!  That is just beyond human decency.  I do not live in a small town, our population is 75,000, and the dogs were from a nearby town, so the odds of seeing these dogs were not in my favor.  I was not planning on stopping somewhere I had never been before, and had to make a u-turn to do so.  If I had spent less time, or more time, at the drugstore, I would have missed seeing them altogether.  I believe I was somehow "meant" to be there, see the dogs, and let the man know what was going on.  I know it doesn't matter in the large scheme of things, nothing that would change the world for the better, but to that man, and those dogs, it mattered.

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