Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Garden Fair and More Tomatoes

This weekend was the 33rd Spring Garden Fair at the county fair grounds. My daughter and I went earlier today.  Lots of plants, people, gardening classes (we didn't attend), gardening supplies for sale, chicks, koi, vegetables, etc.  I couldn't resist two more tomatoes!  A Yellow Brandywine, which has orange colored fruit, and a Japanese Trifele, which will be nearly black when ripe.  My daughter says tomatoes should be red, and these are not normal, but I wanted to try something new and rather "exotic!"  The Japanese Trifele is mis-named, as it isn't Japanese at all. It has origins in Russia.

Yellow Brandywine Tomato

Japanese Trifele Tomato
We also bought an eggplant. I can't explain that, except that I thought it might be fun to grow. I have eaten eggplant a total of one (1) time in my life, and that was prepared like lasagna, drenched in sauce and mozzarella.  This one is a Orient Charm, a long purple or bright pink variety.  It shouldn't be planted out for another few weeks.  My bush bean planter is becoming smaller and smaller as I add extra vegetables not in my original plans. 

Orient Charm Eggplant

The herb garden has grown this weekend too.  At the Garden Fair we were able to find out cilantro and a new mint, Wooly Applemint.  It smells just like the mint that used to grow in my mother's yard, and my daughter has fond memories of chewing the leaves!  It needs a garden marker stone of its own now.  I wanted Lemon Mint, but no one had it.  One man said he had Orange Mint, but he didn't bring any to the Fair.  Big help that!

Since all but one of my lemon cucumbers died, I  bought one at the Fair. It turns out the pot held two plants!  Bonus!  

Wooly Applemint

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