Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tomato Obsessed

I mentioned a while back how I broke my best tomato plant, the Legend, off with my hose.  So, yesterday I went back to the "Tomato Lady" to get another.  She was having an end-of-the-season sale, so tomato plants were only $2.50.  These plants are big, sturdy, and come in so many varieties.  They are nicer than the ones I bought at the Garden Fair, which were sold by Master Gardeners and Retail nurseries.  

This photo shows the Legend as I bought it.  Great thick stem!  No need to bury it halfway up.

Legend II, for my second try!
Originally I was going to get a Cherokee Purple or an Early Girl.  But, the "Tomato Lady" convinced me to give Ace a try.  For one, she didn't feel her Early Girls were doing well, and after hearing what tomatoes I already had, thought I needed one like Ace.  It too is very sturdy.  Wonderful sturdy stems!  So many in the stores, and surprisingly the Garden Fair, are leggy. 

Ace Tomato
Legend II was able to be planted in the old Legend growing bag, but Ace needed a place.  One of the Wonder Bells was still small, so I moved it from a large-large pot, to a smaller-large pot, and put the Ace in its place.  Tomatoes need larger pots than peppers, so it should work out fine.

Legend II

I have to stop this tomato obsession!  I now have 7.  Legend, Ace, Momotaro, Costoluto Genovese, Yellow Brandywine, Japanese Trifele, and a Sungold (cherry).  
Red, orange, yellow, and purple-black!  
What a pretty salad this will make!  
(Hmm...there seems to be a poem in there somewhere...)

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