Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Transplanting, Reseeding, and a First Harvest!

I know, I know... the last frost date isn't until the 15th, but I couldn't wait any longer!  I only put in the Legend tomato and a few flower transplants, so it ought to be fine.

Legend Tomato

Nasturtium Transplants
Marigold Transplants

Since only one lemon cucumber survived I reseeded more in larger peat pots.  I also saved back some seeds to direct sow.  I really, really want some lemon cucumbers!  My neighbor gave me some hollyhock seeds, so I planted some of them in pots too.  Also, some in the far back of the yard. 

Lemon Cucumbers (well, I hope they will be)

Now for the best news of the day!  A harvest!  Just radishes, but still.... my very first harvest of the 2012 season!  Cherry Belle radishes.  Not too hot or spicy.  I do see the error of my ways though.  I do not want the entire crop ripe at once, which is what I am getting.  The Square Foot Garden book, as well as all these radishes, showed me to plant only a few seeds at a time. Plant every few weeks and stagger the harvest.

Cherry Belle Radishes

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