Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Garden Update: Lots Happening!

Good news and bad news in the garden this weekend.


1) The pea blossoms have progressed to tiny pea pods!  I forgot how fast they mature once they bloom.  Now the entire pea bed is blooming.
Cascadia Snap Peas - first pod 5-20-12 
2) The lemon cucumbers from the high school sale are growing well.  I have had the worst luck with lemon cucumbers.  First round was grown inside in peat pots.  They all came up, but all but one died before transplant.  That one died after transplant.  Then, I bought 2 from the Garden Fair.  One died, one is growing so-so.  The 3 from the high school are taller, and sending out tendrils.  Those Future Farmers of America are doing alright by cucumbers!
Lemon Cucumbers 5-20-12

3) After comparing photos I see that most of the tomatoes have actually grown a lot!  I keep seeing them as tiny, but side by side, you can see they are taking off.  
Sungold 5-4-12
Sungold 5-20-12
Sungold is a good example, but the Japanese Trifele is the winner in growth. It did start larger than Sungold, so maybe I am judging unfairly. Notice the potato leaf shape on the Japanese Trifele.

Japanese Trifele 5-6-12
Japanese Trifele 5-20-12

4) Direct seeded cantaloupes and watermelon are up.  Cinderella pumpkins were up when I watered this evening.   

Strawberry berry stem 5-20-12
5) Strawberries are thick with developing berries.  The plants are sending out runners.  Since each plant has a few of these stems full of fruit, I will assume they are June bearers.  I don't know for sure, but they all look like they will be ready within a short time of each other.


1) The Legend tomato is no more. It was the biggest, and best so far.  I snapped it off with the hose, not looking at where the hose was going.  Oh, well, I really didn't like that grow-bag I had it planted in anyway... and that isn't just "sour grapes." 
Legend Tomato 5-20-12

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