Sunday, June 3, 2012


The strawberries are reddening!  Day to day they are noticeably redder and redder.  Surprisingly so.  These are the same strawberry on June 2 and this morning, June 3. 

I guess it is obvious that they are June bearers.  That is OK, though I would have preferred ever-bearers.  But, these were Craigslist plants, and the woman didn't tell me what they were.  They are putting out lots of runners, which I am rooting before I cut them from the mother plants.

I am pretty sure after this season I will have to move all the plants to a larger bed.  I love strawberries, so the more plants the merrier!  I can just get or make another raised bed easy enough.  The current bean bed doesn't need to be two cinder blocks high, so I can just lower it, and move the existing soil.

This is what they looked like a few days after I bought them...

and on March 5...

I took some photos early one morning a few weeks ago when the dew was still on the leaves.  I thought this one was so beautiful... how those beads of dew hung on is incredible! 

Other berry news has to do with the wild blackberries.  They are blooming now. I was surprised to see they opened a lovely shade of pale pink. 

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