Saturday, June 2, 2012

Peas and Lettuce

The Cascadia snap peas are going nuts!  We have eaten them raw, in stir fry, in cold pasta salad, fresh off the plants, and haven't made a dent.  They keep coming, and coming and coming...!  I didn't plant THAT many!  Only a bed 16" x 8", with two rows.  I am pleased how short they are, about like the advertised 32".  I did give them twine/string to climb, and they did, but they didn't reach too high so are easy to harvest.  Easy, but ongoing.  Just take a look...

Cascadia Peas on June 2, 2012
I shouldn't be surprised how well these did, as these were bred in Oregon, thus the name "Cascadia!"

I am also harvesting some of the last of the lettuce.  The expensive seeds did very well, and very poorly, in the end.  Some of them grew well, others stayed like teeny seedlings. Same planter, same soil, same care.


There are butter lettuces, Romaine types, something I believe is called Flashy Trout's Back (not an appetizing name for a lettuce in my opinion), and some oak leaf shaped ones.  They are red, purple, different shades of green, and pretty speckled ones.  They need to come out soon, the weather is getting warmer and they will bolt.   I have plenty of seeds left on the package for a late summer planting.

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