Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Overages: Water and Fertilizer

I think I am over-watering.  And I did discover some containers are way over the "ideal" reading for fertilizer.

The oldest Jade bush beans are yellow.  They are no bigger than the ones planted two weeks later.  After looking at "yellowed bean plants" online, it looks like a case of over-watering.  But, if that were the case, then why are only the older plants yellowing?  Also, the tomatoes in the corners of the bed are the healthiest of any of the tomatoes I have.  The soil tested correct in pH, and "ideal" for fertilizer.

Yellowed Jade beans 6-26

Next to the parsley in the corner of the above photo is a very healthy, and size appropriate for planting date, Jade bean plant.  It is growing in a cinder block hole.  It was planted at  the same time as the beans above.

Healthy Jade bean 6-26

So, I am confused as to what is wrong with the others.  They were planted on 5-15, so still have a while to go before their 60 day harvest average.  I may just remove them and resow.  Water less, and see what happens.  We have had a lot of unseasonable rain this past week, but if it was over-watering, wouldn't you think all the beans would look this way?

Legend II (my Legend tomato try 2) looks over-watered too.  There seems to be, not a fine line, but an invisible line, between "keep damp and well watered" and "too much."

Legend (my Legend II) 6-26 with symptoms of overwatering

As for fertilizer, I tested the soil in all the planing beds and containers.  The Baby Boo, Jack B Little, and turban gourd containers contain WAY too much fertilizer!  That would account for their lackluster growth and yellowed, dying foliage.  Except...I read that over fertilizing will result in heavy foliage, and little fruiting.

Tiny Pumpkin Varieties 6-26

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