Friday, June 8, 2012

TOMATOES: The Good, The Bad, and Mr. Stripey!

The Good:

Sungold Cherry
Legend II (meaning my second plant)

The Bad:

Costoluto Genovese

and Mr. Stripey!

Mr. Stripey!
YES, a new tomato!  YES, "he" really is named Mr. Stripey!  How could I possibly resist something named Mr. Stripey?  I couldn't!  Just the name alone convinced me to bring him home!  My daughter too found him irresistible, reminding her of The Simpsons "Mr. Sparkle" episode!  He came from the Grange Co-op yesterday, and I planted him today.  Goodbye sickly Costoluto Genovese... hello MR. STRIPEY!  Mr. Stripey is an heirloom tomato, a variety apparently about 50 years old.  Wait a minute... 50 years old is considered an heirloom?  Way to make me feel old!  

The Costoluto Genovese had to go anyway.  As you can see from this photo it was spindly with no root system after a month of in-ground growth.  I am not impressed with the Territorial Seed tomato plants at all.  Momotaro will be the next to go.  Leaving only their cherry Sungold, which is going very well.

Costoluto Genovese
Welcome Mr. Stripey!

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