Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yum! Strawberries and Snap Peas!

Strawberry harvest time is upon us!  While they did suffer hail damage, the berries are still edible and delicious!  They range from quite small, to fairly large, with no difference in the flavor.  They are so much softer than the store-bought berries, with a nice sweet strawberry taste.  I am able to pick about a double handful each morning. 
Average Harvest (note the hail damage)

The First Ripe Berry was a Perfect One! 
The plants are definitely June bearers.  I guess I am supposed to cut off the runners so the plants have more energy for fruit production, but there seem to be plenty of berries and runners.  The plants blossomed weeks before they sent out runners, so I don't see how it would matter at this point.

The Cascadia peas will not slow down!  I have given bags of them to neighbors on several occasions, with plenty left for us.  I am leaving quite a few to mature more to use as shelled peas.  I need to look into freezing them now.  I do love them very much, but my kids are quickly tiring of peas at every meal!  The pods have white spots from the hail, but it doesn't affect their health or taste in any way. 

Cascadia Peas

Pea Showing Hail Damage

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