Sunday, July 15, 2012

Latest News: havests, growth, and nasty bugs!

The lemon cucumbers are growing, ripening, and allowing for very small harvests!
This was the first one...

Lemon Cucumber

There have been 4 blackberries so far, but many more are coloring up nicely.  The ones I ate were still a bit sour, I think they could do with a bit more time on the plant, but I was in a hurry to taste them!  We used to pick them in Tilden when we lived in CA.  When my oldest son was little there were huge brambles along a path to a park.  We would take containers and fill them for pies.  


Jade bush beans are starting to form long pods.  They are very thin, but long.  My son ate the first few right off the plants.  

Jade Bush Bean
The eggplant is almost ready to harvest. There are many more teeny eggplants and flowers too.  I am still impressed with this plant, it is very attractive even if it didn't bear fruit!

Orient Charm Eggplant

Orient Charm Eggplant

Wonder Bell Peppers. I can't imagine how such a tiny plant is growing such large peppers!  I have been removing blooms so it won't try to produce more peppers than it can handle healthily.
Wonder Bell Peppers

Now, the "nasty things" in my garden! 

 Stink Bug!  Probably Chlorochroa kanei.  I have found this primarily on the blackberries.
Stink Bug (unknown kind, but I think maybe from the "Tribe Carpocorini") and a Cucumber Beetle. 
Both the brown stink bugs and the cucumber beetles have been found only on the pumpkins.  The Master Gardeners at our County Extension office told me to knock them into soapy water.  That was fine with the littler black ones in the first photo, but those brown ones are terrifying!  They sense you coming for them, raise themselves up on their long legs, and back up, raising their heads toward you!  Ewww!  I hate insect pests!  My son wanted to crush them right out instead of using the water, but once he tried that he gave in.  It made a nasty pop and crunch noise when he stepped on it!  And that was the little one.  The Master Gardeners said that stink bugs are not easy to kill with poisons.  Great...  They also said this is the time of  year they mate, and you can find them "two for one" that way.  I did...they were mating right on my pumpkin plant!  (The cucumber beetle is kind of pretty, isn't it?  Fast to take flight though.   Oh...I wonder if those big stink bugs fly?  I would hate to have them head for me!)

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