Saturday, July 7, 2012

Non-Edible Beauties in the Garden

Non-edible from my point of view that is!  I know several of these flowers are routinely consumed, but I grow them to enjoy the flowers in the garden, not on my plate. 

What I love about portulaca is that one plant produces a variety of different colored flowers.  I find that amazing!  


I am pleased with these, as I grew them from seed. They are very slow growers, so these are the result of my babying them along since January!  I found they grew quicker just direct seeded in May. 


Here with portulaca.

These are my son's favorite.  He enjoys repeatedly snapping their "jaws!" 

The New Dawn Roses (see April 5 post) are doing well. Even the one that looked dead when I got it has rebounded nicely.  The haven't climbed anything yet, but stretching out long stems in preparation to.  They have a nice aroma, like the old variety rose they are.  New roses are beautiful, but at the expense of their fragrance.

Even unidentified weeds can be gorgeous!  Of course, they aren't allowed to remain in the garden!

My camera seems to be doing pretty well considering it is 7 years old, has been dropped countless times, and barely survived a tropical thunderstorm on horseback in Puerto Rico!  That's Sony quality! 

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