Friday, August 24, 2012

Accident in the Garden

I have a short story to tell you about my grandmother, and another about my accident in the garden.  My grandmother's story goes first, as it relates to my son's reaction to my accident.

My grandmother was a feisty woman who lived alone.  One day she fell and was unable to get up on her own.  I am not sure if she was able to call for help herself, or if she was wearing one of those "panic" buttons around her neck that called help for her.  At any rate, the paramedics arrived, and seeing her lying on the floor, climbed through her bedroom window to render aid.

"Can you get up?"  was the first thing she was asked.  Now, remember this is a feisty elderly lady, not one who missed a chance to say what she thought.

"If I could get up, would I be down here, lying on the floor?"  was her logical response!

Now, I relate to that.  Whenever I get hurt in a minor way, such as burning myself cooking, or getting a cut, my family knows not to ask "Are you alright?"  If they do, the answer will be "No.  If I were alright I wouldn't have said 'ouch.'"  Then we all remember Grandma!

Which leads me to last night.  I fell while gardening.  Falling feels so stupid. It happens slowly, and you have time to think, "I am falling," but you can't stop it from happening.  My son was outside, and came over to help me.  Asking me, as I held out my hand for him to help me up, "Are you OK?" he smiled, remembering the family "rule," and realizing how silly it sounded to ask as I lay there on the ground with a skinned leg and broken toe.  Not hearing what he said, I only saw the smile, started crying and sent him back to the house, and struggled to my feet alone.  Of course,  he later explained and I understood the smile. 

My leg is scraped up, my arm is sore, and my big toe is broken.  I have had little toes break, but this is worse in that it is harder to get around without moving the big toe at least a little.  It has a color to rival a sunset's! 

So, I will be doing minimum garden chores for a while.  Minimum meaning water and harvest I suppose, or supervising my son as he does them.  I have some photos taken earlier yesterday that will tide me over for a few posts.  One on blackberries, the other on gourds and pumpkins. 

Now, what photo can I offer you (not my toe!) to brighten the day?  I know!  Boo is photogenic, and always cheers me up!

You can tell by the smile on his face, and the tilt of his head, he just knows he is handsome!

Oh, before my fall I picked a pumpkin!  #2 out of the 3 that I will get.  Goodie, more cookies! 

Cinderella Pumpkin - August 23 (small but solid)

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