Sunday, August 26, 2012

Change of Heart Regarding Blackberries...

I reconsidered my blackberry situation.  I was out a few days ago cutting back the old canes that had berries this year, and realized just how large the brambles have gotten.  Some of the new growth actually stretched out a good 10'!  Since this was the first year they had been allowed to grow, having been cut to ground level when we moved in, I can see they would get out of hand much too easily.

Blackberries Back in May - how innocent they looked then!
While I do love fresh wild blackberries, I decided I didn't want to deal with the prickly hassle of controlling their growth.  I can either buy them already picked, or drive to brambles higher than a house on almost any country road nearby and pick my own.

Last of the Berries

I removed a lot of them, leaving the canes with berries ripening.  There is still a lot of work to do, trying to remove the roots will be a nearly impossible task.  Apparently they love to be cut back, mowed down, dug up, or rototilled.  In rototilling each small piece of root or stem will grow.  Even burning them won't help, the underground rhizomes and roots are stimulated to sprout!  Just the partial cutting I did will send the message of "regrow...regrow" to the plant! 

Mid Removal - August 25 (prior to my fall)

Some narrow raised beds will work against that wall of the shed.  Definitely a much better use of space.  Maybe the strawberries will work there.   I have some narrow sheets of plywood I can lay down first, to at least deter the new growth.  That might be all I can do...deter. 

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