Friday, August 10, 2012

Lemon Cucumbers and Tomatoes, and the Big Wind

The lemon cucumbers have really taken off.  Both the three plants for the FFA sale I have in a large pot, and the one plant from the Garden Faire in the gound are doing very well.  The potted plants have been producing for several weeks, and I pick an average of four or five cucumbers a day.  Good thing they are small!  The plant in the ground took longer to get going, but is now full of flowers, small fruit, and is climbing into the Yellow Brandywine tomato and the eggplant.  I love lemon cucumbers!  After peeling (I find the skin a bit prickly) I eat several with lunch.  As far as the Summer Dance, regular cucumbers...I tore them out.  Nothing growing in the buckets and boxes at the fence grew well enough to keep. 

Lemon Cucumbers (3 plants from Crater High School's Future Farmers of America plant sale) - August 6
Lemon Cucumber (from the Garden Faire) - August 6

Average Daily Harvest - August 8
All the tomatoes, bar one, have rallied and are doing well.  The one failure is the Legend.  The plant looks a bit healthier since I fertilized it, but I am only letting it ripen two tomatoes.
Mr. Stripey came back nicely after fertilization.  Not much fruit, but his leaves are no longer discolored.
The Ace fruit keeps growing larger and larger, with no sign it will ever ripen!

Ace - August 10

The cherry tomato, Sungold, has dozens of fruit, several ripening daily, even though the plant is still leggy.

Sungold - August 8

Winner for growth and heath is the Yellow Brandywine.  The Japanese Trifele is the leader in fruit production.  The Yellow Brandywine did lose a large stem the other day due to a high wind.  I had to tie up a lot of the other large, heavy stems.  It is a huge, gorgeous green plant with a fair number of tomatoes.  But, the Japanese Trifele is producing like no tomato plant I have ever grown, including cherries!  One is starting to show color.  They are beautiful, pear shaped and as large as the average pear.  The neighbors will definitely have to share in this plant's harvest!

Yellow Brandywine - August 6
Japanese Trifele - August 10
Japanese Trifele - August 6
 The wind gusted for a few hours the other evening.  I was out in the garden with my son when it hit.  He had to hold up the Yellow Brandywine stems while I ran to get the garden ties.  A few of the stems (they seem more like "branches) did break off.  One broke off the Japanese Trifele too.  While we were busy with the tomatoes, there was a loud "CRACK" and a branch broke off the biggest cedar tree.  It hung on a lower branch, and with each gust of wind swung back and forth, threatening to completely fall.  It is still hanging there.  We need to get a ladder and pull it down. If we can reach.  My son is eager to try!  Hopefully we can get it down without it falling onto either the fence or the cantaloupes!

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