Sunday, August 19, 2012

Overwatering, Ripe Tomatoes, and Other Garden Stuff

I have been over watering the watermelon.  I learned that the hard way when one of mine split on the vine.  Turns out they like to get a bit dry between watering, otherwise the fruit gets all that extra water, can't handle the pressure and bursts open!  Kind of neat...  I am just glad it was one of the small ones.   I am watering them every OTHER day now.  I should watch it with the cantaloupe too. 

Watermelon Split from Over Watering
The first ripe red tomato, Ace!  I was so eager to taste it, I forgot to get a photo before I cut into it!

Ace Tomato - August 18
I got a nice bunch of blackberries the other day.  I have nearly 3 bag of them frozen, more than enough for a pie!  There are two plants.  One I am removing after harvest, it is in the wrong place.  The other one I am leaving, even though it means ignoring the advice of the experts!  My house.  My yard.   My berry bush.  It isn't near the house, or any neighbor's house, and I plan to keep it under control.  I see what they can do if left to their own devices, but I am not going to let it take over the entire back yard!  Or, at least I don't intend to.  It if gets away from me I might have to rent some goats!  That would be fun...

Wild Blackberries
 There are only 4 apples remaining.  Codling moths got them. Or, the larva did.  I had to destroy the infected fruit.  That's the law, even  for home garden trees, in this agricultural valley.  I didn't realize it was also required to spray.  I plan on doing that whenever it is suggested.  Probably starting when the tree is dormant this winter.  I wonder how "organic" farmers here get around that?   At first I thought the marks were the hail damage spots.  Codling moth larva are different from what my mother's apples got.  Those were the kind of larva that were born in the apple and ate their way out.  If an apple had a hole, it meant the worm was not inside anymore!   It was the perfect apples that held the nasty surprises!  My apples have the kind of larva that crawls into the apple!  The waste they push out has its own name, frass.  You can see it coming out the bottom of the apple below.  That apple was destroyed! 

Braeburn Apple Damage - August

On a nicer note: a colorful sight we often see on summer weekends.

Hot Air Balloon - August 12
And, something to take my mind off that "frass," one perfect portulaca blossom...

Portulaca - August 14 (which happened to be my birthday!)

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