Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update From the Garden

The weather is considerably cooler.  Only 90 today, yet it feels so much cooler than that after the past few weeks!  The vegetables are enjoying the break too; the heat was cooking, literally cooking some of the Japanese Trifele that were exposed to the sun all day. 

Speaking of tomatoes:  I harvested the first three Japanese Trifele today. They weren't really purple, but a dark red color.  They tasted okay, not anything to write home about.  Not a strong tomato taste, which disappointed me.  They don't smell tomato-y either.   Unfortunately, this is the plant with the most fruit. 

Japanese Trifele Tomatoes - August 21
The first Yellow Brandywine is nearly ripe.  I have to watch it carefully, as I forget that it isn't supposed to turn red.

Yellow Brandywine - August 21
 Ace continues to ripen more, large tomatoes.

Ace - August 21
Not quite sure what we will do with all these tomatoes!  My kids say they will eat them, but so far, haven't taken so much as a bite of them.  Not even one teeny, tiny Sungold cherry tomato.  I will research methods of preserving and drying without a dehydrator.  I used to have one of the Ronco ones, but I got rid of it to make room when we moved.  Bad decision!  I can always share with tomato-less neighbors. 

Today was a great harvest day.  Lemon cucumbers, tomatoes, and blackberries.

Harvest - August 21 (the interesting shadow on the right side is portulaca)

I picked several eggplant last night.  No, we haven't eaten them yet.  The eggplant is still growing, blooming, and setting lots of fruit.  I still think it is the prettiest plant in the garden.

Orient Charm Eggplant - August 20

Orient Charm Eggplant - August 21

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