Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Pumpkins, Gourds, and Sunflowers

A garden assortment today. 

Baby pumpkins, both Jack B Little and Baby Boo...

Jack B Little Pumpkin
Baby Boo Pumpkin
 The stems are so fragile that I have had to support them, so I am not sure the fruits will be able to gain full growth.  A few of the Baby Boo vines have climbed into the lemon cucumber container, and little white globes are hanging in with the cucumbers. 

Speaking of Baby Boos, get a load of our Baby Boo!

Newborn Baby Boo - June 2010
Turban Gourd... This is from a seed I got from a saved gourd from last November's gardening symposium.  So, while I only got one gourd, I am pleased with it!

I won't take up garden space next spring for these crops though.  I started seeds in the house in April, again in May, transplanting in May to containers near the back fence, where they failed to grow more than one set of true leaves.  Planted too early?  Too much heat?  Too much water?  pH wrong? Who knows, but they did very well when planted in the old pea bed in late June. 

Turban Gourd
My daughter's sunflowers are blooming!  She got them in late, so we were keeping our fingers crossed.  Boo chewed on their leaves when they were still his height, now the leaves are out of his reach. 

Sunflower - September 5

September 6

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