Tuesday, September 25, 2012

... the Beginning of Fall: part II

I am trying something new!  A fall planted garden with crops I have never tried growing before!  So, while it may not sound very exciting, it is very exciting to me!

But, before the fun of planting came the headache of more digging, amending the soil, and working around my still-tender toe. 

I had to pull out the Japanese Trifele, Sungold, and the bush beans before they were quite done producing.  It should be much cooler weather by now, so it is already getting late to plant a cool weather garden.  Unless I was up to building a new bed, and hauling in more soil, I need to use this one!  I left Yellow Brandwine (no sign of stopping), Lemon Cucumber, and the eggplant (again, just for looks). 

Bare spot where Japanese Trifele was - September 16
My new babies!

Cole Crops:
I bought 6 packs to transplant of broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts at The Grange.  They have all survived their transplanting. (Shouldn't it be "Brussel's" sprouts?  Apostrophes are my pet peeve.  Yesterday was National Grammar Day in the US!)

Cole Crop Bed (former Bean Bed) - September 23

Snow Crown Cauliflower - September 22
Packman Broccoli - September 23
Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts (this one is a Guinea Pig for planting in the cinder block holes) - September 22

Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts (former Sungold container) - September 22
In the old watermelon bed (never again will I attempt melons of any variety!) I added 2 cubit feet of steer manure, and 1 1/2 large bags of potting soil.   This bed is 4 x 4, so that gives me 16 squares to plant.  I planted one square of Salad Bowl (last year's Burpee seeds),  one square of Salad Bowl (Territorial Seeds oak leaf seeds that were half price at The Grange), and one of last year's Territorial Seeds Wild Garden Mix.  I know I was dissatisfied with TS lettuce in the spring, but thought I would try again, since I already had the seeds. 

Lettuce and Bok Choy Bed (former watermelon bed) - September 24
 This pot was planted with Salad Bowl a few weeks ago.

Salad Bowl Lettuce - September 23
Bok Choy or Pak Choi:
I couldn't find transplants, so I planted seeds and will hope for the best.  I didn't expect the seeds to be rather like large poppy seeds.  I planted 4 squares of bok choy  in the lettuce bed.  I like baby bok choy in a homemade won ton soup.

Another fall crop I planted about two weeks ago is chard.  It is an Italian variety, the seeds from Ferry-Morse, Liscia Verde da Taglio.  I will just call them chard!  I planted these in the old Legend tomato container, after adding in some manure and potting soil. 

Chard - September 23
So, fall is looking good so far!  Once the cucumbers and tomatoes are gone, I will plant more.  Probably lettuce.  In the cole crop bed, and the remaining squares of the lettuce bed.  

Oh, I forgot about the peas!  Stay tuned for pea news...

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