Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last Summer Harvests and the Beginning of Fall: part I

Today's the first day of autumn.  Around here we call it fall.  Our days are still hot (upper 80s the past few days, down from the low 90s), but our nights have been down in the 50s.  Strange to have a 40 degree difference between night and day, but it sure makes it easier to sleep!

Unfortunately the vegetable garden doesn't know where it stands.  Neither do I.  It is way past time to pull out the summer producers, but they are still producing.  So, the planting of the fall and winter crops is late.  Our first frost date is Oct. 18, and if so, I'm in trouble! 

The Yellow Brandywine is making tomatoes like there is no tomorrow, although I keep cutting it back. 

Yellow Brandywine - September 16

But, the lemon cucumbers are dying from the bottom up. The tops are still blooming, and setting fruit. I found a lost one today, hiding in the eggplant, as big as Boo's tennis ball!  It was a bit seedy...  of all the vegetables these are the ones I will miss the most.  I can always buy a nice hot house tomato, but a good lemon cucumber is impossible to find out of season. 

Lemon Cucumber - dying back from the bottom up
The harvests are larger...

September 11
September 16
The eggplant is still beautiful, and still flowering. I cut off the spent flowers, since I don't want any more fruit.
The Jade green beans were having a second wind, but there were so few left, I went ahead and pulled them out yesterday to make room for...  well, just wait for Part II coming soon! 

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