Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lovely Tomatoes!

Wow!  I am getting the nicest tomatoes lately!  Just take a look at this from our dinner Friday night.  The red tomatoes are Ace, which are just a bright, beautiful solid red when ripe!  The yellow is of course, Yellow Brandywine, the biggest tomatoes bar none that I have ever grown!  A bit lumpy, but juicy and delicious!
A few lemon cucumbers round out the plate.

Yellow Brandywine, even taking into account the height of the raised bed, is taller than I am! I pruned off the ends of the branches to stop the plant from forming new flowers.  The tomatoes are so large they hang over the bread slices in a sandwich. 

Yellow Brandywine - September 2
Ace is ripening to an absolutely solid, bright red.  It is delicious too.  This one is in a fairly small container, and seems to like it fine. 

Ace - September 2

Ace - September 2

The Russian variety, Japanese Trifele, is the big producer, of that there is no debate. But, I don't care for the taste, or the large core.  I eat them off the vine, but am not bowled over by the taste.  I found a recipe for tomato sauce I am going to try with these tomatoes once they get a little bit over-ripe.  

Japanese Trifele - September 2
Even Mr. Stripey, for all his ill health earlier in the summer, is finally ripening fruit.  I have yet to taste it.

Mr. Stripey - September 2

Sungold, the cherry tomato, continues to look spindly as a plant, but is covered with tomatoes.  Something is bothering it in the night, as I am finding ripe and green tomatoes on the ground every morning. Not many, and there are still plenty for us. 

Sungold Cherry Tomato - September 2
I've pretty much decided what tomatoes to grow next year, along with where to buy them.  

1) Ace - from the "Tomato Lady" selling out of her car in the Central Point mini-market parking lot!
2) Yellow Brandywine - the Garden Fair at the county fair grounds.
3) Some sort of cherry tomato - Sungold is fine, but so are the red ones, so I will just see what I see next spring! 

And what not to plant - Legend, Stupice, Costoluto Genovese (all recommended for my area, but did not produce, thrive, or even live for me) and Mr. Stripey. 

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