Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mystery of the Missing Peas

My peas are missing.  I planted them two weeks ago tomorrow, after soaking them, and inoculating them, and adding manure and potting soil to the bed.  Planted to climb up the sunflower stems.  Two came up, one on each end of the bed.  Nothing more.  So, yesterday morning I dug around a bit, and no peas.  No rotted peas.  No unsprouted peas.  No evidence of any animals digging them up to eat.  No peas whatsoever.  Where'd they go?  It's a mystery...

Pea Bed
One of Two Peas Sprouted
So, last night I dug in all-purpose fertilizer, and replanted.  This time, no soaking, no inoculant, just pushed the peas in an inch and watered.  The weather is still a bit hot for peas, still over 90.  Nights are 40 degrees less! 

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