Monday, October 29, 2012

Cabbage Aphids

OK, I am not sure I want to bother with cole crops.  I threw out two broccoli plants today.  They were covered with loppers, some as large as a regular butterfly caterpillar.  Several cauliflower and Brussels sprout plants have large populations of aphids.  The leaves are thick and waxy, and from researching the aphids, I see they are too! So, any sprays roll right off.  I didn't want to use poisons today, as the praying mantis was still there, green today. Some days he's (or she's) brown.

I want more carefree vegetables!  I threw in the towel on squash.  Now this...  I don't even like Brussels sprouts!  

Cabbage Aphid Damage on Brussels Sprout Leaf
Cabbage Aphids

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