Friday, October 26, 2012

Garden Miscellaneous and a Decision to Make

It has been raining for most of the past week.  Great for the rye seeds in the far back, they are up lush and green.  Some of them may be weeds of course!  But, so long as they keep the mud away, that's fine.

The cole crops (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli) are growing well.  No more cabbage loppers.  There were are few white flies and what looked to be aphids, but there was also a nice fat brown praying mantis, so that should take care of it!

Cole Crop Bed - October 23 - holes in leaves from cabbage loppers a few weeks ago

Chard, lettuce, and bok choy (which isn't recognizable as bok choy) are all doing fine.

Chard, Bok Choy, Lettuces - October 23

Pretty sure there will be no more tomatoes.  Ace is hanging in there, but it has been too cold and wet for the fruits to ripen.  I will try the old trick of pulling the plant out and hanging it upside down.  I have seen that work to ripen a last few tomatoes before.

Ace - October 19
I cut off the sunflower heads and they're on  a covered table drying.  I left the stems for peas to climb in the spring.


The strawberries are mulched with a bit of straw. This last bale of straw had viable seeds in it.  So, I have grass growing in some of the areas I laid down straw.  The iris I stuck in the strawberry bed, and the old tomato pot, have all got new growth.  I need to prepare a permanent bed for them soon!

New Iris Growth

A decision needs to be made.

Do we put in a pear tree or a red raspberry patch?

The pear would be in a cinder block raised box like our apple tree.  It should grow well, as this is a well-known historic pear growing community.  Harry and David is based here, and this is where they grow their pears. In the spring the hills are beautiful, covered with white blossoming trees.  They grow a special type of Comice pear, so perhaps I should plant a Comice myself.  My nursery carries them, as well as red Bartlett.  I need to talk to the owner about planting one, or if I need two for pollination. I read that I need two, but my mother had a pear tree, one pear tree, that produced more than we could eat year after year.  None of the neighbors had pear trees, so it must have been self-pollinating.  I really do not have the desire to plant two of them.

Raspberries on the other hand... they would need a raised bed as well.  Not deep, but fairly long, as I would want to plant at least 10-12 plants. I have one Meeker in a large pot, but will go with bare root when I plant an entire bed. I want the kind that you just cut down to the ground after harvest, no bother telling new growth from old.  Just cut them all down!  So, these would be fall-bearers, while Meeker is summer.  I could manage a bed with a single cinder block depth, or even a cedar or redwood 4x10, 6" deep.  Could I make it? Probably, if I cut the length in half to get it home.  

Meeker Raspberry
My children are voting on which they want first (I hope to eventually have both).  If they agree, there is no need for me to throw in my two cents.  What do you think?  Pear or raspberry patch? 

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