Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Strawberries and Iris

You know how I love Craigslist.  Friday it was a source for free bearded iris rhizomes!  They are deep mauve and yellow.  Or, they will be, hopefully next spring. The problem is, I had nowhere to put them!  I couldn't pass up the offer though, so for now they are stuck in the old Sungold tomato pot, and the overflow are in the end of the new strawberry bed.

Not "new" bed as in newly built.  "New" as in new to the strawberries.  The old pumpkin/cantaloupe bed has been refurbished into the strawberries' home.  I dug in potting soil, steer manure, and a bit of bagged garden soil.  The fertility tested fine, and the pH is alright, a bit on the high side, closer to 7 than 6, but it will do.

I didn't realize just how many strawberries I had!  Not only did they produce "daughter" plants via runners, but they divided in the original containers!  Some plants divided into three large plants.  So, I originally thought I would have trouble filling the 4 x 8 bed with one plant per square foot, or 36.  I lost track of the squares, but believe I transplanted 44.  After I move the iris, there is room for a few more.  I added four to the end of the cinder block bed, and still have about twenty left, not including the small ones I divided off the main clumps.  I did break down and give away my potted "daughters" on Craigslist yesterday.  That was twenty plants.

"Daughter" plants I gave away on Craigslist - Oct. 1

New Strawberry Patch - September 30 (with a few overflow iris waiting for a permanent planting area)
My original strawberry plants were Craigslist finds.  I bought twenty (I think I got 25 with the "daughters" still attached) and they at least tripled in number!  I hope they do better now that they have a real bed to grow in.

This is what they looked like back in October 2011! 

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