Asparagus and More Great Deals!

The asparagus has been cut back to ground level now.  I still have to add a couple of inches of compost, but it started storming and the rain hasn't let up enough to get outside today.  The bed is small, but it came with the house, and was a pleasant surprise. 

Asparagus - November 28, 2012

Asparagus Bed - November 28, 2012
I stopped by the Grange the other day, just to take a look at their Christmas trees (too rich for my blood!) and found some planting bags with trellises.  The package says for tomatoes, but they are quite small, so I plan on putting something else in them.  Perhaps peppers, which have a much smaller root space need.  Or cucumbers. 

Planting Bag with Trellis...
...with Boo.

The trellises can be unfolded too, so I might use them that way for cucumbers in the raised beds.  I am not a big fan of planting bags, having had little success with them in the past.

Boo Being Boo - trellis unfolded
I could also clip the plastic ties and get three small trellises to put in planters.  Oh, these are so multifunctional!  And on clearance!  Too bad there were only two left...

Oh, we ate chard last night!  The plants aren't big, so I just cut off a few of the oldest leaves from each plant.  I liked it, my son ate it, and my daughter grudgingly tried one small leaf and decided it isn't her sort of thing. 


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