Monday, November 19, 2012


Blueberries. I haven't mentioned them before, because I had no intention of growing any.  But, opportunities come up and I can't resist a bargain for the garden!  This time it was blueberry plants on Craigslist.  Four of them.  The lady thinks they are all Bluecrop, so I should get one more of another variety for best production.  Blueberries are self-pollinating, but they do much better with another variety nearby.

New Blueberry Plants

They were bigger than I expected for $5.00 each.  They are a bit ragged, with some sunburn on the leaves, but they look healthy otherwise.  I won't do a real pruning until they are dormant, but I did clean them up a bit, cutting off broken and really straggly stems.  I am controlling myself from transplanting until they are dormant too!  Eventually I will put them in half wine barrel planters, but this year I will get pots similar to what they are in but a size or two larger.  They have a fairly shallow root room need, so are suitable for planters, even Bluecrop, which matures to 4' to 6' tall. 

I sprinkled some acid-lovers plant food on the soil and watered it in.  That's the only thing to be concerned about with blueberries, the soil.  Acid lovers, needing a pH of about 4.5 to 5.  NOT what my raised beds are, since veggies prefer around 7.  After spending hours online, reading and watching videos on blueberry care, I think I can do right by them. 

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