Sunday, November 25, 2012

Compost and Trellises

My garbage company sells compost.  Compost that they make from "our" green waste.  Branches, weeds, lawn clippings, leaves...all that stuff we put in our big green containers.  My old garbage company didn't do that with our waste, so this is very exciting!  I drove out to the recycling center last week to drop off a broken microwave and bought 5 sacks of their compost.  $4.99 for a big, heavy bag of wonderful, fine, dark (almost black) compost.

I got a book on container gardening at the library, The Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible.  I got so much inspiration for my raised beds, and more, from it.  One thing I have been lax in is support for my climbing crops.  I did make a rickety bamboo and string trellis for the peas last spring, but that's it.  So, when I ran across these metal trellises online, and on sale for only $6.99, I had to have some!  They are a bit short, 56", but the 72" ones are $46.95, so 56" will do!  The Cascadia snap peas are fairly short, I don't believe they got over 4' tall, so that will work.  Also, cucumbers might be all right.   I ordered five, but four came.  The company (Gardener's Supply Company) is sending me the missing one, with no shipping since it was their error.  They even told me to I could add extra items with no extra shipping!  So, I ordered three more of the trellises!   I am SO looking forward to spring! 

New Metal Trellises (oh, that's Cookie in the background next to the dogs' water bucket)

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