Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Berries: Boysen', Blue, and Rasp'!

I am now the proud owner of nine berry starts!  Either Boysenberry or Tayberry, the kind woman who gave them to me didn't remember what was planted where these came up.  But, I got them free!  Yes...they were on Craigslist!  I called her first thing this morning and rushed right over to get them.

They don't look like much right now, but just you wait...

Boysenberries and Tayberries are both hybrids.  Tayberries are a blackberry and raspberry cross, while Boysenberries are said to have Loganberry added into the blackberry and raspberry background.  Tayberries originated in Scotland, in 1979, while Boysenberries date back to 1920s California.  In fact, Boysenberries (named for their developer Rudolph Boysen) are what made Knott's Berry Farm famous!  Long before it was an "amusement park," as my daughter called it when hearing the story, Knott's Berry Farm was just that, a berry farm!  Of course, you can still buy their fruit preserves and jams.  My grandmother would send us a box of Knott's Berry Farm jams each Christmas.

New little buds that may produce berries this next year!

I temporarily planted them in a large planter, since I wanted to get them into soil as soon as possible, and I was definitely not prepared for them!  They can be planted in large planters, which is what I will do.  A large planter on the deck against the house, with my unused trellis (that was a kitchen project that flopped) will look nice this summer!  A quick pruning, and there they are.  Boo couldn't wait to toss his tennis ball into the mix!  He is so frustrated by the weather; he isn't allowed to play fetch in the mud. 

Newly planted "starts" with Boo's ball.
I still want a raspberry bed, but between these and the blueberries, I think I have my hands full for the time being.

Speaking of blueberries...mine are looking good!  Many of the leaves have fallen, and the plants are looking pretty healthy.  I am unsure how to properly prune them, so more research is in order.  They do look much better than when I bought them. 

Let's not ignore the one raspberry I do have, the Meeker in the pot.  It has grown considerably since planting.

Meeker Raspberry - October 8...
...and December 11

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