Sunday, December 16, 2012

Funny Weather We're Having...

Remember the rain?  The rain that is setting new records?  It stopped long enough to drain the sitting water, but everything was still soggy.  Then, what do I wake to yesterday, with no warning from the weathermen and weatherwomen?  This...

Yes, that's snow on the blueberry plants! 
 That's right, SNOW!  We may get a dusting a few mornings a year, maybe four or five. And maybe a bit more once or twice that soon melts.  Last February we had some like this, but that's February!  I know much of the Northern Hemisphere has had snow for months, but this is a big deal for us!  That's because it is still new to us.  While my daughter refused to budge from her warm bed, my son was up and tossing snowballs.  The dogs loved it.

Some plants are so resilient.   They look so fragile, yet can withstand the snow.

Rose bud in the snow - 12-15-12
Snow is so pretty, photos just can't do it justice.  I love to just stand at the front door (yes, it has a window!) and watch it fall.  So long as I have nowhere to go, it's all good!   Unfortunately, the rains returned in the night, and the puddles are back. 



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