Monday, December 3, 2012

Spring Day-Dreaming

It isn't even winter, and my thoughts are in spring!  Seed catalogs are arriving, and I am perusing them for hours on end.

Seed Catalogs (Territorial's is last spring's issue, but I can base my "wish list" on it!

I already bought seeds for three tomato varieties.  They were 50% off, packed for 2012. But, the seed life is usually 3 years, even according to the seed companies.  Since Territorial Seeds are in Oregon (like me!), I figure I will get what seeds I can from them. 
1) Sungold (the cherry I grew this year, and was going to plant again)
2) Mortgage Lifter (I was going to get this one too!) Named for the story that the man who developed it made enough money to pay off his $6,000 mortgage selling the plants for $1.00 a piece.  I guess that sounds possible. 
3) Yellow Pear (another yellow cherry, like Sungold, but a cute pear shape)

Tomato Seed Packets

It isn't actually all that early to be planning since I went back on my promise to myself never to start from seed again!  That was just last winter, and here I am planning to do just that!  This time though I am going to make plant growing shelves.  More of that to come when I get the supplies!  I keep reading lists of how much money home-grown veggies have saved people, but I can't see it.  I do it because I like it.  If it is something you enjoy, a hobby say, or something that keeps you sane, you don't worry about the cost, right?

I am saving containers to start the seeds in.  Empty orange juice boxes, cut off bottoms of milk cartons, yogurt containers...things like that.

On another note, my Christmas cactus is forming blossoms!  My neighbor, Melanie, gave this plant to me last Christmas.  In California I would have had to put it in a closet for a month to force the blooms, but here it gets enough dark to do it on its own.  I love Christmas cactus!  My grandmother (of the "If I could get up..." fame) had a huge one on her enclosed back porch.  My mother always thought it needed water, but they are called "cactus!"  Although, reading about them shows they originally come from shady, high humidity areas of Brazil.  So much for "cactus." 

Christmas Cactus Buds

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