Sunday, December 30, 2012

Transplant the Blueberries Day

The sun was out today!  That meant it was Transplant the Blueberry Day.  I bought four new 12" pots at the Grange for $2.99 each.   They're just the black plastic nursery pots, but eventually the plants will need large ones, so it makes sense to go cheap until then.  They were in 8" pots, so now I have four "new" 8' pots for other use!

Many professionals recommend not only acid-lovers potting soil, but peat, pine shavings (or bark,  needles, etc.), and a handful of soil sulfur per pot.  I sure hope that isn't over acidifying the soil!  The instructions I read were for planter grown berries, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.  I just bought the pine shavings from the pet department! 

I mixed up the soil, shavings, handful of soil sulfur and a bit of peat, then transplanted the berries.

New transplants in the rare, rare sun!  December 30, 2012

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