Apple Tree Maintenance

The weather finally allowed me to spray my apple tree.  It has to be over 40 degrees, and not raining.  That has been rare weather for the past month!   I used dormant oil spray and a copper spray.  A woman at The Grange told me it was fine to mix the two, so I measured them into a 32 oz spray bottle.  That took a bit of math!  So many tablespoons per gallon is how many teaspoons per oz. etc.   After that it was as simple as spraying the liquid on all parts of the tree, being careful to get all the leaves, branches and trunk.  That might seem like a "no brainer," but remember Dale is my first fruit tree!  (See March 12, 2012 for The Story of Dale.)

Apple Tree Sprays for Dormant Use
 I also got him pruned.  Correctly?  That's yet to see!

Prunings off Dale
The nasty dug out parts of the trunk (where I found borers) are looking better.  Nothing dead or rotting at all.  The Master Gardens with Jackson County told me that it didn't look like I would need to fill the holes, and they were right!  Those Master Gardeners sure know their stuff!  I made sure to get a generous amount of spray mixture into the borer holes.  I will respray in two weeks. 

Borers just dug out - November 11, 2012
Same wound healing up nicely - January 17, 2013


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